First Time Experience With An Escort

Having good sex not only makes the couple happy but also strengthens the relationship between them. However, having sex with an inactive partner makes the entire exercise boring. There was a married man who was very committed to and faithful to his wife. At work, his workmates were always happy and kept telling him how exciting it was to have sex with an escort. The man had not used escorts before, but according to how his workmates explained, he thought it could be a good experience. Sitting on his office desk, he decided to hire an escort from to have sex with. They decided to meet in a hotel later that day.

He arrived at the hotel in time and lay on the bed as he imagined how the experience would turn out. Within no time, he heard a knock on the door and he was sure it was his visitor. He took a deep breath and went straight to the door. When he opened, he was surprised to realize that the woman standing right ahead of him was more beautiful than he first saw online on her profile. He gave her a hearty welcome and followed her to the bed. He was gazing at her from the head to the toe. She quickly noticed that he was nervous, and realized that maybe he was trying escorts for the first time. She then started chatting with him and engaged him in a romantic talk. She moved closer to him and held his hands with hers. That was when the journey started.

The man was used to fondling his wife for few minutes before sex, but this time the situation was different. She asked him to lie on his back, and the man experienced something he had never had before. She licked his areola inwards with the same intensity a child licks ice cream, and then flicked his nipple with her tongue. She continued to gently bite the nipple, and the man groaned.

She removed his trouser and his penis was well erect and ready to start the penetration, but it was not the time for it yet. She massaged it, and within no time, she applied a reverse finger job on it, and this left him groaning and begging for sex. Her lips rested on the shaft of his penis ready for a lipstick blowjob. Her hands then moved to his testicles and cradled them swiftly. She then licked his balls with her tongue before circling her tongue around his frenulum.

The escort had mastered mind-blowing sex positions, and she made him try all of them. During the penetration, she was also fondling his various parts, and after a good time, she shuddered and screamed and the man realized it was time. He abandoned himself to pleasure for an amazing climax. As he lay helplessly on the bed, he looked at her and wondered how comes he never thought of trying escorts before. He was happy and at the same time surprised to get a different taste of sex.…