Twilight Zone (TZ) / IPD No. 2684 / April 05, 1993 / 4 Players
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Average Fun Rating: [ 9 stars - Click for comments ]    9.0/10  (22 ratings/14 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer: Midway Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of WMS Industries,
Inc. (1988-1999) [Trade Name: Bally]
Model Number: 50020
MPU: Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production: 15,235 units   (confirmed)
Theme: Adventure - Supernatural - Licensed Theme
Specialty: Wide-Body Machine [?]
Notable Features: Main playfield magnets that catch ball and direct it back (like Magna-Save, but not under player control).

Only game with the "Powerball", a ceramic pinball about 20% lighter than a steel pinball -- much faster, and not affected by the game's magnets.

Unusual auto-plunger/manual-plunger arrangement.

Five possible multiball modes:
"Powerball Mania", 3-ball;
"Fast Lock", 3-ball;
"Lost in the Zone", 6-ball;
"Regular Multiball", 3-ball sequential release, without 3rd magnet installed;
"Regular Multiball", 3-ball simultaneous release, with 3rd magnet installed.


Toys: Mini playfield that uses magnets for flipper-like action; Real working gumball machine on playfield that dispenses pinballs; Working analog clock; tells time in attract mode, times most modes during game play.
Design by: Pat Lawlor
Art by: John Youssi
Music by: Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner
Software by: Larry DeMar, Ted Estes
Notes: Game plays the song "Twilight Zone" performed by Golden Earring. Rod Sterling's likeness had to be licensed separately from the "Twilight Zone" name.

TZ Mods (Owner Modifications) FAQ available at

Retrofit instructions for third playfield magnet (removed in production games):

An article by Ted Estes about designing Twilight Zone (from Gameroom Magazine) is at

Another article shows differences between prototype and production games


Marketing Slogans: "Twilight Zone includes more features with patents pending than any other game in history!"
"Enter Into a New Age of Pinball"
"The Profit Zone. (with PlayMeter and Replay ratings)"
"You have just crossed over... into the Twilight Zone"

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