Help! I have a Peeping Tom neighbour?

Well, the truth is that I am not really sure, but I do think that I have a Peeping Tom neighbour. I bought this really cute house in South London last year, and although I do love my house, I am a bit freaked about my new neighbour. Last weekend the weather was kind of good, and I invited the girls that I work with at the best London escorts agency around for something to eat. We were all sitting in the garden, when this face come over the fence and checked us at. Like one of the girls from London escorts said, it was rather an intimidating experience. This is not the first time something like that has happened. When I am not at London escorts, I really do love to garden, and I spend a lot of time out in my garden.

I love that, but what I don’t like is my neighbour always popping his head above the fence asking me if I need help with something. Sure, I have met lots of different types of guys at London escorts, but I have never met a creepy guy during my London escorts career. What is it about my neighbour that makes him so creepy? It is kind of hard to put your finger on it, but when I come home from London escorts, he always seem to be looking out of the window. It is a little bit like he is spying on me. He also tries to engage me in conversation all of the time, and that is another thing which I find a little bit unnerving. The conversation is very forced, and he always tries to control the conversation. I have mentioned it to a couple of the girls I work with at London escorts, and they think that I should make a note of what he says to me. There have been a couple of times when I have felt watched when I was in the house.

It was kind of spooky as I heard a noise in the garden at the same time. I looked out of the window but could not see anybody, but all during the night, it felt very much like there was a presence in my garden. It felt really strange at one point, and I called one of the girls at London escorts, and she told me to call the police. I did not call the police, but the next time I feel that something is wrong, I will call the police. I do normally come home late from my London escorts shift. Before my new neighbour moved in, I used to park my car rather casually in the driveway, but I don’t do that anymore. Now I pull up really quick, jump out of the car and just run into the house. I feel like I am being watched, and I do wonder what is going on in the head of this guy. Why does he feel like he needs to watch me all of the time? I have never come across a person like him before. It is hard to know how to handle the situation. This weekend I am going to speak to the neighbour on the other side. She is also a single lady, and it will be interesting to find out how she feels about somewhat peculiar neighbour.


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